Krista Reuter

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Transient There's Always One Misty Mountain Morning A Matter of Semantics II A Matter of Semantics III Divine Energy
Garden Party Altered State Glint of Gold Earth's Vibration Spirited Nature

Douglas, Michigan

Artist Statement:

My intention is to celebrate the hand- made and at the same time “change the gaze” of the viewer. I strive to reach a simple, honest statement and to have the confidence to say “more with less”. The result is that the art creates a poetic spatial experience comprising both delicacy and strong definition.

Krista creates hand cut and hand torn layered paper creations. Her work is an exploration of light and shadow and how a 2-dimentional plane can be trans- formed into a 3-dimensional object. Reuter enjoys using abstract patterns and shapes, found in nature, as themes for these explorations.

Her work emphasizes the concept of alternate space- between drawing and sculpture creating a subtle yet intriguing statement comprising both delicacy and strong definition.